CSUN CalFresh Outreach

Welcome to those of you who have been newly introduced to our program! You should make an appointment for a phone consultation first. Unless you’ve been pre-screened (this can be completed over the phone), please do NOT make an application assistance appointment yet.

Phone consultation

Select this booking option if you’d like someone from our team to call you and explain the process. You can get pre-screened over the phone in as little as 5 minutes! Don’t forget to provide a phone number.

(10 minutes)

CalFresh Benefit Application Assistance

Select this booking option if you intend to come in and apply for CalFresh benefits with someone from our Outreach team. The appointment will take between 20 and 30 minutes. If you don’t know if you’re potentially eligible yet, select the Phone consultation option below and one of our team members will call to talk you through your options first.

(30 minutes)


Select this booking option if you have ALREADY applied for CalFresh benefits and need to follow up with an Outreach coordinator or submit additional resources, etc. You may not need to make an appointment. If you are unsure about whether you need an appointment, please call 818-677-2704.

(30 minutes)